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Horse Racing System 7 - Tools You Can Use


Tools You Can Use

Below are three tools that will fit perfectly into your horse racing system, and help you in various aspects of handicapping and betting the races.

horse racing betting

Exotics Wagering Calculator

Figure wager amounts for:

Exacta, Trifecta, Superfecta, or -

Any of the multi-race bets; Pick 3,4,5,6,7,8

Click here:   Exotics Wagering Calculator

(According to what operating system, and /or browser you are using - you may need to save the file to your computer before it will open.)

* If you want to keep any of the tools on this page open and available to use while you are handicapping or betting - just click on any other part of the screen after the tool has been opened. It will be minimized down to the bottom of your screen and available any time you want to expand it back up.

horse racing betting

Morning Line Maker
(created by Miles Mikelson /

Click below - close the "demo explanation" box
then click "open"

 Morning Line Tool.exe


horse racing betting

Great Betting Tool
(created by

Figure dutch bets - 

Set pre-determined profit levels, or -

Set for total return amounts

Click here then click "open"



horse racing betting


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