The Sniper Method



The Sniper Method
is a special one.

I use it - I profit with it . . .
                                          . . . and I should bloody well keep it to myself!

But I try to avoid that kind of anti-abundance thinking. And besides, a lot of you who will read this have been with Horse Racing Gold for many years.  We appreciate that, and want you to have every opportunity to succeed in this tough game.

This method will shoot holes in any handicapping "truths" you thought you knew - and it will take most all those "hossy" beliefs you still hold onto - and shatter them beyond repair.  

 The Sniper Method;        

* Requires no handicapping  
* Requires no Racing Form  

 . . .
Yet, it will reveal a way you can pick-off a potentially huge ROI on win wagers (* see post script at bottom of this page) - and by extension, of course, on exacta wagers.

This is a method for active players. Whether you are a weekender, or a full-timer - you must be able to attend to your race betting in real time.

The learning curve is extremely short. You'll have the method down-pat in a couple of days

The Sniper Method is simplicity itself, and you'll recognize the validity, and power of the concept right away as you first read through the short, easy-to-understand manual.

Within just a few races, you'll be 'scoping' in on select targets - spot plays (about 4 per track per day) - that will return an ROI that race players only dream about.

This method will work as well ten years from now as it does today.

Its value to you will not be affected by track surface, caliber of horseflesh, type-distance-or quality of the racing. 

Even if you don't have a lot of time to devote to your race betting right now - this method is one you definitely want for your tool chest - ready when you need it.


The price of the The Sniper Method is $47.00.

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p.s.  The ROI recorded on the above-mentioned 155 successive races at 4 different tracks - which you will see in detail in the method materials - was a cool +48.8% (avg. 4 plays per track per day).

p.p.s. We will also show you a very restricted spot play (1-2 plays per track per day) that will get substantially more than that - an astounding +81.7%


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