The "Simple Money" Method


A new method for beating the races that is; 

- simple to understand
- simple to use
- and as straightforward and solid as a Mike Tyson left hook!

"Simple Money" will provide you with a way to walk into any race track - any country - any time - and have a huge shot at walking out with a much larger roll than you came with.

For online players who access the full spectrum of tracks, and can cherry-pick and choose their races - consistent profits are assured.

*Caveat: Notice, we did not use the word "easy."  The "Simple Money" Method should not be confused with the scammy methods peddled by those that shout and spout "easy money, easy money."      There is no such animal. However . . .

With The "Simple Money" Method;

- you won't spend hours handicapping (about 1 min. per race avg.)

- you won't need elaborate computer software (a pencil will do the trick)

- you won't ever wager on an over-bet favorite again (nor even be tempted to)

- you will hit your share of juicy win pay-offs (up to around 14/1)

- you will have a profitable exacta approach (avg. 6 combos per race)

- you will get winners that pay more than fair value - (overlays guaranteed!)

(- but no, you can't phone in your bets in the morning, go golf 18 holes, have a few
    rounds at the 19th, and then pick up your profits in the afternoon - sorry!)

Whether you're an old-salt or newbie, part-timer or full-timer, wannabe or pro - this method will show you a way of betting and beating the races that makes ultimate sense - both from a handicapping point-of -view, and from a betting point-of-view.

This is contrarian cream -
the very sweetest way to pry money out of the hands
of less savvy bettors, and then put it into your pocket.

We'll show The "Simple Money" Method applied to all the races at 5 tracks from a recent weekend of racing. The bottom line - both profits, and strike rate - will blow your socks off.

Want a sneak peek? 

There were 35 races bet from the 5 tracks over those 2 days, so an average of 3.5 races per track per day qualified for wagering.

- Try;  57.1% hit rate for win (20 of the 35 races won), and 48.6% for the exactas (in 17 races the exacta was hit)
- Try;  +50.4% ROI on win wagers with an average mutuel of $11.20, and +60.4% ROI on the exacta wagers with an average pay of $32.80

Similar figures won't be hard to duplicate - there was nothing special about that particular weekend - and there is nothing difficult about putting this method into immediate action.

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In fact, we'll guarantee that if you can show us any weekend of play at any 5 thoroughbred tracks that doesn't show a profit when the rules of this method are applied - we'll give you your money back

We won't use a worn-out cliché and say that The "Simple Money" Method is "a steal" at $47.00

- but -

We will say that it will turn you into a super-savvy player, and give you the proverbial "license to steal" from the under-informed crowd.

Simply said - "Simple Money" is a good one.

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The "Simple Money" Method