How you can add show betting back into your game, 
and - using nothing but the morning line odds -
make your house payment every month with
the extra profits!

or maybe just your car payment if you're the Mercedes Benz type 


Very few players bet to show anymore - why?

The biggest part of it is that with all the exotics and gimmick wagers available, show betting just isn't glamorous enough.  The payoffs, of course,  are also very low in comparison to the other wagers (unless the "bridge-jumpers" load up heavy on the favorite and it runs out of the money).

The perception is that show betting is for little old ladies - that the profits one might be able to eke out just wouldn't be worth the effort . . .

Think again my friend!

Buy Show Me The Money! today, and you'll discover a method so profitable and so easy to apply it will absolutely amaze you! 

No handicapping necessary . . .

. . . what the!? 

You read that right - you're not going to need to burn the midnight oil anymore -

  • No more knotted up shoulder muscles from hunching over your desk for 3 or 4 hours. 
  • No more bleary eyes from staring at a computer screen into the wee hours.
  • No more spending $12-$15 for racing forms before you even make your first wager

Decide how many tracks you want to play - grab the morning line for each - grab your wallet and you're there!


What can you expect?

1. Expect to have more fun than you've had in a long time -
2. Expect to cash two wagers of every three (minimum) -
3. Expect these wagers to only rarely be on the favorite -
4. Expect to make money hand-over-fist - and . . .

5. Expect to rediscover the lost art of show betting!

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