Right to the point . . .

What we got:    "The Green Box"  - a spiffy, "poor-man's" software that won't cost you an arm and a leg.

What it will do for you:   Give you a way to beat up on turf races - and profit big time.

What you need to do: Order  "The Green Box"  - download to your computer  - enter a few pieces of data per turf race . . . and rake in the green!


Does the proverbial "black box" actually exist? 

Can there really be a computer program that spits out winners and profits after you input a few statistics from the past performances? 

This has been the holy grail of handicappers since computers and horseracing got together back in the 80's.

Some programs get close, but the real bug in the ointment is that almost all programs/methods try to be a 'one-size-fits-all' product. 

This is the key reason these programs fall short - and why most handicappers are not successful: They try to handicap, and wager, in every kind of race.

They don't define their strengths - they just want to beat the races. They want action, action, and more action.

If you're that kind of player, this method isn't really for you. Might as well just stick to your current ways and keep churning, and burning up the bankroll.

This software and method is for turf routes only.

It will help you (force you) to narrow down and tighten up your game - to around 4 to 8 good plays per day.

The  "The Green Box"  contains formulas that, after applying its critical elimination rules and entering a few pieces of past performance data per race, will automatically smoke out the strongest choices in each turf race for you.

What exactly will this method do for you?  It will . . .

  • Crunch the important numbers quickly and automatically

  • Spit out the wager choice/s for each race

  • Apply a unique money management approach to increase profits

  • Give your 'next-bet' amount

  • Keep your records for you

  • Allow you to continually back-test your results and optimize your wagering

By keeping with the "poor man's software" approach that we used in our Bankroll Builder Method - we have held the normally high handicapping software prices (anywhere from $300 to $600 and more on many programs out there) way down - to an affordable level for everyone.

- And made it a whole lot less complicated to boot!

The step-by-step videos, and screen captures included will walk you through every part of this easy-to-use program.

You will need Excel on your computer, or any of the inexpensive and free compatible spreadsheets out there (we give several sources in the manual). 


The price of the  "The Green Box"  is just $59.00

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But first, hey - a quick reality check:

You're not going to win every race, or even every day - please - this is horse racing!  Again - if you expect the world owes you profits in every race, or every time you wager the races - this software isn't for you (in fact, horse racing isn't for you, period!). We are after long-term consistency - nothing more, nothing less.


A short story . . .

Over the last 11 years, since Horse Racing Gold went public and on line, we've had hundreds of players ask the same question:

"Can there be a way to make decent money at this game without such a huge time commitment?"

In the last couple of years, there have been some fairly radical changes in my life (and they continue . . . but that's another story!) that cut severely into my usual 12 hour days totally committed to just horse racing. I was no longer able to do that.

Then providence brought some opportunities that enabled me not to need to rely on racing for all of my income.

This was quite a change after so many years of nothing but horse racing.

It actually felt pretty good not to have to be sweating over the handicapping and betting every single day. In fact, I stayed away from the game completely for several months.

Then (of course!) 32 years of habit, and a love for the game pulled me back into it - and with a renewed passion.

Yet, I had grown accustomed to not putting in the long hours, and - especially since I no longer needed to - found I really didn't want to put in those 12 hour days anymore.

Turf routes had always been my personal strength. Most players find them extremely tough, and maybe that's the reason profits for me were always higher in that niche - confused money spread into the pools often creating better value.

(Nowadays - with so many tracks switching to various kinds of artificial surfaces, confusion reigns, and turf races have become a more solid bet than ever.)

As well, by limiting myself to just turf routes, the strain of handicapping six or seven races at each of four or five different tracks every day - disappeared.

I codified my entire turf handicapping process - and then automated much of it into the  "The Green Box" .

My racing day was cut down to just a bit over two hours on average - including the handicapping, watching the odds just before post for the 4 to 8 qualifying races, making the wagers, and doing the recordkeeping!


. . . end of short story.


By using the formulas in  "The Green Box"  and making turf racing your specialty - you'll enjoy the green a whole lot more . . . both grass racing, and the 'green-backs' that you'll gain from applying this method!

The videos and screen captures will take you through everything - and you'll love the simplicity of the method, the ease of application, and the time it will save you.

Get your life back - and some very solid profits on the green as well!


The price of the  "The Green Box"  - the method, the videos, and the "poor man's" software with all formulas loaded   -   is just $59.00.

Order Here

p.s. -   Oh yeah, I probably should mention the ROI for a recent two weeks of handicapping -  for every turf route run in the U.S. during that 10 day period - was a cool +50.4%. For every dollar we wagered, we got back $1.50 in return!  That run wasn't a fluke - it's done even better than that previously - and since.


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