The HRG "Bankroll Builder" Method
(The poor man's key to the mint!)


There is one over-riding fact about betting the races . . .

You need a bankroll in order to play the game!

More than that - you need a decent sized bankroll to play the game effectively.

Who out there wants to discover how to build up their bankroll right now - fast?!

- Are you a novice players looking to start up a serious betting campaign?
- Are you a successful handicappers in the midst of a bad streak?
- Are you a player looking to expand their betting portfolio?

Really - every handicapper needs a method that will build up a betting bankroll without requiring a dip into profits or savings (or rent money!).

A method that;

  • is not too risky
  • is easy to apply
  • allows small wagers
  • hits at a high percentage
  • and still builds the bankroll fast

The Horse Racing Gold "Bankroll Builder" Method accomplishes all the above - in spades. This method is pure and simple dynamite!

Do me a favor - Do not look at the bottom of this page yet - okay!? 

Read on . . .

A few of our other methods have been a bit risky for the average $5 to $20 win bet player, or perhaps a bit too complex for some. Still others were geared to place and show wagering (which can be exasperatingly slow in building a bankroll).

Many have asked us over the years for a method that would give them a good way to build profits steadily - and at a good pace . . .

A method which would give them a good chance of breaking into the 'full-time' ranks of successful handicapping for a living, or at least securing a good extra, side-income.

The HRG "Bankroll Builder" Method fills the bill. 

Think of it as the poor man's key to the mint.

Using screen capture examples and tutorials, I'll show you how easy the method is to use - and how it was applied to six full days of racing at three different racetracks - 89 races wagered.

These tracks included;

- a small track with an artificial surface (Tapetatrack) - Golden Gate.
- a major track with a dirt surface  - Hawthorne.
- a large foreign track with a different artificial surface (Polytrack) - Woodbine.

You'll see proof positive that the method will work for you  -anywhere, anytime.

And it will build your bankroll at a rate that will likely make you re-think the other methods and approaches you have been using.

This one may very well become your only one.



* The HRG "Bankroll Builder" Method comes with an Excel spreadsheet that includes all the formulas.

It will already be set up to figure everything for you automatically.

You simply manually input a few stats for each horse from any standard past performance data, and the spreadsheet program will spit out a powerful rating number and the true contenders in the race (it takes about 4 minutes per race).

This spreadsheet will also track, store, and analyze all of your results.

Or you can just do the whole method the old pencil and paper (and a calculator) way - which takes 7-8 minutes per race.

In the spirit of the "poor man's key to the mint" theme - we have purposely not turned this into a piece of Windows-based software. Doing so would have jumped the cost by hundreds of dollars.

We've chosen to keep this affordable for all of you.



The HRG "Bankroll Builder" Method will get you an average of 4 to 6 qualifying wagers per track per day depending on which tracks you play and the time of year (Maidens, Maiden claimers, and two-year old races are passed).

Your win-bet hit rate will be shocking in its consistency - right around 51% (this is for win betting 1 horse in about 14% of the races, and 2 horses in the others).

Imagine cashing tickets in over half of all races you bet!

Average payoff on the winners?   A healthy $11.30

- What about the exactas? -

As stated, this method was designed to be a fairly conservative approach for a steady building of the bankroll . . .

. . . but man, does it ever work like gangbusters in the exactas!!

You'll see in the six-days (Wednesday through Friday on two successive weeks at three tracks), full results data provided;

- There were 87 races bet, the exacta hit in 45 of those for a 51.7% hit rate.

That's right - almost every win bet winner also connects on the exacta (the method calls for exacta wheels or part wheels depending on the odds of the back slots).

- average payoff $67.80 on a $2 exacta


And the bottom line - the ROI? . . .

I hesitate to give the figures for fear of them sounding like just more 'hypey' claims.  Let me first say, the figures over the six days of betting shown are tremendous - and - they won't hold this high over the long term . . .

but they won't be too far off!

Win bet ROI:  +56.1%  (not a typo!)

Exacta bet ROI:  +40%  (also not a typo!!)


In addition, I will show you a spot play within the data that has an unheard of bottom line.

- This spot play will occur in about 12-15% of the races
- With a win bet ROI around  +235% 
- And with a place bet ROI around +92% (with an 84% + hit rate)
- And a show bet ROI around +38% (while rarely missing).

This is an easily identifiable spot play that will repeat itself over and over in any given set of races.

Are you a patient player? This spot play - alone - could vault you into the elite of successful players.

I came very close to not including this particular spot play explanation in the material of the method - but sharp players would have discovered it anyway in analyzing the data provided. As well, I want you to take the ball and run with it - all the way to the bank.



The above figures are for betting by an active player who has access to real-time odds, and can place wagers near post time.

Yet -

 And Here's The Icing . . .

(I hope you didn't look ahead when I warned you
at the start - I wanted this to be a surprise)

  • for players who can't attend to your betting every day
  • for players who would like, or need to be somewhere else during the  racing day
  • for players who want to use early-bird betting

 . . . a pleasant shocker for you:

I will show you how - using nothing more than the method, and the morning line (i.e. you could put in your wagers ahead of time all at once if you wanted to) -

You could have still made an incredible +48.6% ROI on the same 89 races!

I don't know if we can start talking 'holy grail' yet, but we're darn close!

Heck, if you had bet just $20 to win on each horse the method chose in this series - then gone off to play golf, or gone fishing . . .

 . . . you could still have brought in a cool $1,652 in just 6 days of racing - while not even having to be either at the track or in front of a computer!

Hi - Howdy - How are ya! . . . Did you let that sink in?

  More than Double a professional level return on your wagers - on 4 minutes handicapping per race, and you don't even need to be an active player!!

  • You are going to have crazy success with this method.
  • It doesn't matter if you are the most burned-out, jaded, and cynical handicapper still left in the game - you can turn it all around now.

Your decision.

The HRG "Bankroll Builder" Method -

At $77.00 - including the "poor-man's software" (the spreadsheet loaded up with the formulas and ready to go), and including the full Excel files for the 89 example races, and the screenshots, and the video tutorials, and the step-by-step instruction manual . . . it's definitely an easy decision to make.

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