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The Bal Chatri Technique


First of all, where in the heck did the name come from?! 

The original Bal Chatri technique was developed by certain tribal peoples in India for netting/catching birds that fly at high speeds - birds of prey like falcons.  They then trained these birds and sold them to falconry enthusiasts.

So - what's the connection with horse racing?  Not much - except that . . .

 To stay alive in this game you need to learn how to 'catch' the speed horses.

Speed is everything in a horse race. 

The Bal Chatri Tecnique will turn you on to a super-simple new way to look at speed in a horse race, and show you how easy betting profits can be!


If some uneducated tribals in the backwoods of India can figure out how to make a living "catching the speed" - by golly, so can you!


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