Blue-Chip Blueprint


The Blue-Chip Blueprint method will show you how to mount highly profitable campaigns at any major or mid-level race track, or group of tracks.

What is it?

It's a straightforward, elegant, and super-consistent approach for win and place betting on only the highest caliber races at each track - the stakes and handicap races.

It's a method for the more conservative player who has a bit of patience, and who demands high bottom-line profits

"Blue-Chip Blueprint
will show you a way to absolutely explode your ROI.

This method will narrow your focus, and help you avoid all those 'squirrelly' races carded each day at all tracks. You know, the real money-burners . . .

- races carded for non-winners since the civil war
- low and mid-level claimers where gambling trainers'
  manipulations, and other various shenanigans are rampant
- maiden claimer races where not a single entrant is worth a hoot
- races where no horse in the race has ever run the distance
- races where zero-win trainers are just shooting in the dark
- etc. etc.

These throw-a-dart-and-pray type contests are the curse of all handicappers - especially those without a good degree of patience and discipline.

It is somewhat akin to shooting for the moon with penny stocks on unproven companies listed on the pink sheets at the stock exchange.

These lean times have made it more crucial than ever to get serious about profits with your race wagering.

This method is a very good one, and here is our promise to you -

Use Blue-Chip Blueprint as shown, with the betting guidelines as given, and you will construct an optimized, profitable, classy, blue-chip betting operation of your own.

* And - you will be able to scale this operation to
  whatever level you need or find comfortable.

* And - you will cut your racing 'involvement time'
  (handicapping, wagering, recordkeeping) significantly.

* And - most importantly, both your ROI and your hit
   rate will be almost obscene.

I can't legally make any public claims here, but you'll receive the actual race-by-race results of all races wagered during a two month period, and the bottom-line is astonishing - mind-boggling even . . .

Simply put, we feel this is among the very best methods we have ever offered.

The price is $49 


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