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Tote Board Gold


I think many players would like to be more bold with their money - they would like to make the occasional big scores - but deep down they don't really want to take the risks that are required for that kind of play. 

I think the truth is not what people think:  Most players are not "gamblers" - in fact they are very conservative and would love to find a method that cut risks and provided a steady diet of cashed tickets.  If that describes you - Tote Board Gold is your method. 

Tote Board Gold is not flashy - the payoffs are relatively low - it's a place-betting method, so many will "pooh-pooh" it right from the start.

And - if you'd allow me to make a betting line - I'd say it's around 7/5 that more than half of you will never use this method at all. 

 The truth is that this method could make you a decent income for the rest of your life doing nothing but betting the horses in this way.

I almost didn't publish Tote Board Gold because I value it so highly. 

I've often thought of it as my "retirement method" - an approach that requires only a modicum of mental sharpness, and one that I could always use - anywhere, anytime - even after I'm old and mentally decrepit (okay, okay - so I should be using it already!)

I've mentioned in other writings that I don't think much of handicapping writers who speak of "investing" at the track - but - Tote Board Gold is going to provide you with an investment-grade method

You'll never have another serious losing streak with this approach. 

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