Most Popular Horse Racing Events for Punters


With the Cheltenham Festival less than a month away we have decided to compile a list of the three most popular horse racing events for punters worldwide. These events are highlighted on the calendars of all horse racing lovers and punters are no different.

The excitement around these festivals is always accompanied by enticing betting offers such as these Cheltenham free bets and that is why these horse racing events are so popular with betting enthusiasts.  


Cheltenham Festival

This is the mother of all horse racing events around the world. Since it was first established in 1860, the four day festival has been the centre of attention for the horse racing community and fan base worldwide.

The event is a unique opportunity for horse racing lovers and gambling enthusiasts to get the chance to see all the best British and Irish race horses at the same venues all at once.

With an estimated £580 million being wagered on horse races, the event shows that it has only gained more followers over the years. And races such as Queen Mother Champion Chase, Champion Hurdle and World Hurdle remain as some of the most popular fixtures on horse race lovers’ calendars.


Kentucky Derby Festival

Our second most popular horse racing event takes us over the pond in what is USA’s highest profile horse racing festival. This is a fourteen day event which was first held in 1875 and it has been the stand out festival for all American horse race enthusiasts.

The two week event is followed by the Preakness Stakes and by the Belmont Stakes, but the Kentucky Derby Festival is the only one of the three which has been run every year since its inception without any interruptions.

In terms of wagers, the final race of the festival – the Kentucky Derby is worth over £94 million, and these are bets made only by people in the USA. This is the reason why the race has the nickname “The most exciting two minutes in sport”.

When you add in bets made from horse race loving countries such as England, Scotland, Ireland, Australia, Japan, India and China the numbers start to become mind boggling.


Melbourne Cup Festival

The last entry on this list comes from down under. The Melbourne Cup Festival is the most popular horse racing event on the southern hemisphere. It was first established in 1861 in Melbourne, Australia with the host being the Victoria Racing Club.

It has been said that the 3 200 metre race prompts many Australians to take Sick Leave on the day of the event and productivity is at an all year low during the day. In the city of Melbourne it is considered as one of the most important fixtures in the calendar year and it is a public holiday for everyone.

In terms of attendance, a record crowd of 122,736 attended the event in 2003. Regarding wagers, approximately £400 million is said to have been wagered on the Melbourne Cup race in almost every year recently.